LAEF Dialogues

Welcome! LAEF Dialogues is a series of interviews we have conducted with different education researchers and practitioners in Latin America. We aim to bring together ideas and proposals to change education in our region.

Dialogue with Óscar Sánchez

We talked with Óscar Sánchez, coordinator of Educapaz and former Secretary of Education of Bogotá, about the challenges of education in Colombia and how education can help to build a peaceful society.

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Hablamos con Óscar Sánchez, coordinador de Educapaz y ex-Secretario de Educación de Bogotá, sobre los desafíos de la educación en Colombia y sobre cómo la educación puede ayudar a la construcción de una sociedad en paz.


Dialogue with Dánea Mairena

We interviewed Dánea Mairena, Early Childhood and Primary Education Coordinator at Fabretto Children’s Foundation, about current trends and challenges in teaching literacy skills in Nicaragua.

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Entrevistamos a Dánea Mairena, Coordinadora de Educación Inicial y Primaria de la Asociación Familia Padre Fabretto, acerca de las tendencias y desafíos actuales en alfabetización en Nicaragua.

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