Youth Arts Exhibit

LAEF Youth Arts Exhibit

The LAEF Youth Exhibit is composed of two separate collections. One is Called the Art of Autism in Nicaragua, which was created to showcase the results of a project that studied how art can be used to promote cognitive flexibility in children with certain neuropsychological conditions. The other one is a collection of art pieces created by high school students from different Latin American countries. Their submissions consist of art pieces that show what they believe the limitations in the education systems in their home countries are and how these limitations prevent citizens from becoming vehicles of transformative power in their communities.

The Art of Autism was a project organized by students from Princeton University, University of Navarra and St. Agustine Preparatory School in Nicaragua, in collaboration with Tesoros de Dios, an organization that serves children with several types of neuropsychological conditions. This project introduced children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Down’s Syndrome to artistic creations. We included the art pieces from this project because they provide insight on the developmental and educational opportunities for children with disabilities who aren’t always included in traditional education systems in Latin America.

The art pieces that we received from high school students were part of a contest organized by the Harvard Association Cultivating Inter-American Democracy (HACIA). The participants were answering a prompt that asked them to show through their art the limitations of the education systems in their countries and how they believed these limited educational opportunities prevent citizens from contributing to democracy.